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Thread: What are you??

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    Jun 2005

    What are you??

    Just thought it'd be interesting to see where everyone stands politically in the steroid forum.

    I personally have a pretty black/white view on politics/morality. I'm pretty right wing, but I would have to call myself a sort of Independant Libertarian

    IMO- if your not hurting anyone else, you should be free to do as you please in your personal life.

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    a state of denial
    Madisonian/classical-liberal/libertarian/anarcho-capitalist, and I hate Brooks Brothers suits.

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    Jun 2005
    Interesting. Obviously you're very adamant about your political views (as you should be),

    And I'm sure we're on the same page with our beliefs..I respect anyone who is into the stuff, even if they are on the opposite side...

    I also feel like if you couldnt argue in favor of what you are against then you need to do a little bit more learning, and open your mind a little bit to figure out why others think differently. Just a thought..anyone else?

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    I am a socialist

    - I believe in social programs
    - free health cares for everyone
    - government should take good care of its citizens
    - free education up to the higher level.

    I am a capitalist

    - I believe in freedom of the trade market
    - I believe in the good of the economy

    I am a communist

    All citizens are equal
    the wealth should be shared, but with regard of quality and what you deserve
    the government should maintain some standard in all term of life in his state from economy to education.

    Im a fascist

    I believe the citizens are idiots and need a strong hand to hold them
    I believe in a strong military and a strong bureaucratic complex
    I hate politically correct BS

    I am a nationalist

    I want quebec separation
    I love my country, religion, language, traditon and culture, and hate everything that threathen it!

    I believe that feminism and pure liberal socialist doctrine are threats to the western world, not renforcing it, but getting it weaker.

    so im a yoyo, depend on the issue!

    actually you might say, im a popular-fascist

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    Whistler, B.C. CANADA
    Social Democracy.
    Ever hear of that one?
    That is what Canada is all about.
    Too bad our health care isn't what it used to be, but it's stil pretty good.
    And we are taxed for our good living. 6th most taxes country in the world with the U.S. not far behind us.

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    Depends really. I'm somewhat of a socialist. But when it comes to other issue's affecting my country my views are pretty right wing. Especially when it comes to imigration into Ireland from Africa. I hate them, as do the majority of Irish people. I'm also pretty right wing when it comes to crime and tackling it, I advocate a zero tolerance policy. I'm an Irish nationalist too, I hate the British occupation of Northern Ireland with a passion no American could hope to understand.

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    In terms of my political aspirations for my homeland of Ireland;

    I believe there should be more regulations and measures to control immigration.I think the government should try to encourage Irish emmigrants to return home aswel.

    I strongly support the continued teaching of Gaeilge (language of the native Irish, who are descended from Celts) and continued promotion of it via TV, radio, having it established as an official European language.

    I dont like Ireland becoming more greatly involved in the EU because, personally, I think the EU is turning into the new USA. I dont want Ireland to be down graded from a nation, to being a province.

    I am an Irish Republican/Nationalist so I support the right of Ireland and the Irish people as a whole to be given the right to national self determination. Thus i support a united Ireland and an end to the political link wit Britain.

    I suppose im a conservative or something maybe, but also an Irish republican. Dont know what term best suits me TBH???
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    Middle-East Lebanon
    -I am religious I believe that true moderate islam should govern a country
    -I am a progressive fascist I beleive the governement should control everything, build a strong secret police and a strong elite army, control the press, ban all political saboteur,control the economy, seperate the homos from the rest of the population in a medical mental institution where they get treatment and take hard mesurment against homos who practise gay sex and execute rapists.

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    Kingdom Of Heaven !
    i would like to see the TRUE ISLAMIC CALIPHATE return !
    which would show the world that we are not SAVAGES .

    i originally hate politics , a politician is a politically correct name for a BASTURD!
    what i do is just what my avatar says "ISLAMIC NUTRITION"
    -- my job is to feed u guys the right nutrition about islam , and not the F**KED up kind.

    thank you drive through ! (the Freedom Fries R free , but u have to get your own ketchup )
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    Capitalist... may change my views after my first million

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Tiger_
    IMO- if your not hurting anyone else, you should be free to do as you please in your personal life.

    Thats a main part in my thinking..along with other things

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