The Palestinians: How will they respond to pullout?

It may prove to be the Palestinians' greatest opportunity. Or it may be their greatest opportunity to miss one.

The unilateral Israeli withdrawal from all 21 Gaza settlements and four in the West Bank has created a new reality for all Palestinians. How they choose to respond may well determine the course of their battle for an independent state.

How are the Palestinians likely to respond to the disengagement? Will armed groups resume terror campaigns, or will the Palestinian Authority act to defuse or combat the attacks? To what degree are the Palestinians likely to propose or take part in new diplomatic initiatives?

Israel and the world at large have been fooled once again: The Palestinians will continue killing the Jews. It's a homicidal addiction that can't be quenched. The excuse will be, "our terrorist children are bored and don't have jobs."

The Palestinians want to kick the Jews out of the region. It would be nice if the news media would get that fact. The killing of innocent Jews will never stop.
Steven Wilson, Anchorage, U.S.A.

I think we have already seen the answer. One day after the withdrawal, the first Qassam was fired.
Hessel Kessler, Long Beach, U.S.A.

Congratulations to Sharon on his bold move to disengage in Gaza. It is now up to the Palestinians to reciprocate by sorting out their affairs.
Malcolm Richman, Lytham St. Annes, United Kingdom

The Palestinians will respond to the pullout by pulling their usual stunts: violence, violence and some more violence.
Brock Davis, Delft, The Netherlands

The Palestinians will respond exactly as they have in their postings on this page. They are not likely to propose or take part in new diplomatic initiatives because they believe they have no responsiblity in their own fate. They do not believe they need to reciprocate or address Israeli concerns, just that they are entitled to unilateral concessions.
David May, San Francisco, United States of America

It is very important for Palestinians to understand that ultimate well being of their people will depend on education, health care and a strong economy. This is their chance to build a nation and they should not ruin it at any cost by allowing violence.
Palestinians do not have oil like the Saudis, so they had better build a well-educated, skilled labor force.
Aboo Bashar Mohammad Habib, Dallas, United States of America

Nothing has changed; the goal of Palestinian geopolitics remains the complete removal of the Jewish state from the Middle East. They are saying so openly. When they say they want Israel out of the occupied territories, let us not forget that they consider all of Israel to be occupied territory.
Mike Willner, New York, United States of America

How will the Palestinians respond to this pullout? With glee, because it will give them a better chance to kill more Jews from a "free" area.
Choni & Miriam Davidowitz, Durban, South Africa

The Gaza pullout is an opportunity and a first step towards peace. The winners are the Israelis and the Palestinians who believe in freedom, democracy and human dignity.
Mohammed EL Hassani, Mainz, Germany