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    Arent these guys basically Ayatollahs of America?

    This is very similiar to what Iran has. A democratically elected government. But the main lawmakers of the country are the Ayatollahs who yield alot of power. But the US has critized Iran for their government.

    But in the US, the Supreme Court Justices are basically dictators, presenting the law of the land, and were it goes. An unelected yet very powerful group of people. So doesnt America basically have the same system as Iran?

    Sure Iran seems more extreme today, but Interracial marriages were banned just decades ago in America, women couldnt vote just 80 years ago in American, and Black couldnt vote just decades ago in America.

    So why does the US critize the Iranian government?

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    It is called checks and balances... Overwhelming power was meant to be kept from any one of the three branches.

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