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    Bush Has New Book For Business

    The general approach of so called American Business People who worship money over everything else is underlined by the heedless abandonment of American communities that helped them grow wealthy.

    The romance with communist China started with the Nixon administration, was given a boost by the Reagan administration, was given another shot in the arm by the Bush Sr. administration, was given a huge boost by the Clinton administration and now grows like a weed under the fertilizer of George W. Bush. I will concentrate on the G W Bush administration because I really dislike the slimy little guy and we can't do anything about the previous administrations as they are now history, and while I know better than to believe Bush would ever listen to anyone or that so called American business interests give a crap about America, I figure I gotta try.

    Under Mao Tse Bush nearly $40,000,000,000 have been invested in China and that is just the money that businesses haven't tried to hide. For example the British Virgin Islands invests more in China than the United States does. But as most know The British Virgin Islands among other choice corporate friendly governments are money laundering and tax shelters for less than moral US Businesses. The real number will never be known but I am sure the investment over this 5-year period exceeds $150,000,000,000. In the first two quarters of 2005 US foreign investment worldwide has reached $52,000,000,000. While we can't expect businesses to be isolationists, isn't it sad these companies don't feel America is worth investing in?

    2000 $ 8,001,000,000
    2001 $ 7,505,000,000
    2002 $ 7,332,100,000
    2003 $10,161,470,000
    2004 $ 3,940,000,000
    Total $36,939,570,000

    As many as 2.6 million manufacturing jobs have evaporated in the US since the tech bubble burst in 2000 and in the same period China has continued its meteoric rise as the nation that manufactures almost everything.

    While corporate profits in the US have climbed, the number of people in the US living in poverty has increased and wages have stagnated.

    It is understandable why business wants to fire Americans and rebuild their companies in China. The country has virtually no pollution laws; with in the next 5 years with the help of US expatriate corporations it will produce more CO2 emissions than any other country on the planet. Wages in a factory there can run in the area of 40 cents an hour allowing whole families to live in one room and forcing extremely long working hours.

    I think we should amend the constitution so George W. Bush can serve another term. If he has that extra time he can bring America in line with communist China.

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    Are you being sarcastic??? Hmmmm?

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