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    The Biggest Drug Dealers

    The sudden and almost fear mongering approach of the media and governments concerning the Bird Flu raises a few questions. It would seem that bird flu has existed since birds have existed and one important question might be, what elements are creating this new “inevitable threat”?

    I recall raising chickens and have had no experiences with adult chickens and “flu” but a common problem with raising chicks is that if they even get a slight chill they will develop a “cold” and if not immediately treated the chick will more than likely die. I have treated a number of chicks with cold symptoms, “running nose” and at times “leg paralysis” where what I saw. Treatment with cyanine pepper, protection from drafts brought the chicks back. I don’t know if these “colds” were related in anyway to “bird flu”.

    I do recall one of the dirtiest jobs on the farm as being cleaning the chicken coop. I would prefer cleaning the cow barn or pig barn before dealing with chicken shit. Even a flock of a couple of dozen birds made a cleaning job that was not very pleasant and if you breathed much of the dust in the cleaning process you were almost always guaranteed a cold.

    Since corporate farming has almost totally destroyed family farming, the methods used to raise animals have taken on a more factory and much less humane approach. In the raising of chickens thousands of birds are crowded together, there habit of scratching creates much dust for them to breath. Corporate farming has also created a narrowing of the gene pool of birds and a massive increase in the use of chemical medicines, medicated feeds and who knows what base for feeds. You can almost bet chickens are fed to chickens.

    So a legitimate question might be is the solution to the problem the creation of questionable vaccines or should we look at corporate farming methods and even question the need for meat in the human diet.

    "The SARS "pandemic" eventually faded away, but not without leaving a deep impression. A high pitched media campaign had convinced the world it was facing a great threat when in reality SARS turned out to be a comparably minor disease with 8.500 infected world wide and around 812 deaths. Compare that to CDC figures of 36.000 flu related deaths yearly in the U.S. alone. Or compare it with the mayhem of more than 100.000 U.S. deaths from the damaging effects of pharmaceutical drugs in the same time span."

    "The researchers, from the influenza branch of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, will mate H5N1 and human flu viruses in a process known as reassortment. Viable offspring will be tested in animals thought to be good surrogates for humans, to see if the viruses can infect, can be transmitted easily from infected animals to healthy ones and to note the severity of disease each provokes. In other words, the CDC researchers will be deliberately engineering viruses of pandemic potential. It's high-risk but crucial work, the influenza community insists."


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    Since we cant fool people about what we are doing abroad, I guess we should start a stateside panic to throw everyone off the trail... Sounds like a Karl Rove tactic.

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