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    Arab TV channels observe an open media day to support Palestinian cause.

    Arab TV channels began observing the Open media day for supporting the Palestinian cause and occupied Jerusalem. Al-Manar TV channel along with other Arab channels jointly transmitted programs for 6 hours about the Palestinian suffering throughout 57 years of occupation. For Palestinians the day of support is important but more should be done.

    For 6 running hours, the world watched a synopsis version of what the Palestinians go through everyday under the Israeli occupation.
    Via the Arab States Broadcasting Union, some Arab TV channels played 6-hour programs, using the same logo. The programs included interviews, documentaries about the expulsion of Palestinians from Palestine and their suffering, the fate of Jerusalem, the land grab, the demolitions, killing and assassinations.

    At the end of the joint transmission, each channel began broadcasting its own programs to support the Palestinian cause.
    Al-Manar TV is one of the Arab channels that was engaged in weeks-long preparations for the Open media Day for supporting the Palestinian cause and occupied Jerusalem.
    The channel will broadcast taped comments from senior figures like Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as well as a talk show with Arab students on ways to bolster the Palestinian steadfastness and to protect Jerusalem.

    Nasser Akhdar, Al-Manar Board of Directors:
    "As you know the Palestinian cause and the issue of Jerusalem are a cornerstone of al-Manar's messages. And amid the current endeavors against the Palestinian cause, Al-Manar channel recommended to the permanent committee of coordination between the satellite Arab channels to have an Open media day for supporting the Palestinian people and their cause.
    This day is an exceptional day amid exceptional regional circumstances, because it highlights the most important issue which is the Arab -Israeli conflict, the issue of Jerusalem and Palestine. That's why it is important that all Arab media stations take part. Through this we can also shed light on the violations of Palestinian human rights and the holy sites."

    Obviously the 57 years of Israeli violations of rights need more than one day of support. Statistics show that everyday Palestinians are either killed or injured.

    Mustafa Barghuti, "Natioanl Initiative" Secretary:
    "Up to this moment, the toll of Palestinian martyrs in this Intifada exceeded 4300, and the injured outnumbered 64000. This is a huge number, and the other confusing thing is that 80% of the martyrs and injured are unarmed civilians and more than 21% of the martyrs and injured as well are children who are under 17 years of age."

    But if the day of support is all what the Palestinians can get in this era of Arab silence, they might as well use it to voice their demands: and end to the occupation and to the land grab.

    Jamal Joumaa, Coordinator of the Popular Campaign for resisting the separation wall:
    "According to Israeli plans, 46% of the West Bank land will be annexed, and 16% of the Palestinian population will be isolated, including of course 230,000 Palestinians living in Jerusalem."

    Foreigners have their own way to support the Palestinians. If they cannot convince their governments to stand up with the Palestinians or their media outlets to be impartial they can come here to the occupied territories and protest with the Palestinians against the Israeli occupation.

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    Israel also has marches, conventions, tv programs, radio programs, conferences, and many organizations who also support the Palestinians. You need to start changing your myopic view of Israel. Do you know how many Israelis enjoy the company of Lebanese. I also do. As well as my Druze friends, Beouin Friends, and my Arab-Israeli friends. We actually hang out, drink cafe, smoke Nargilya, etc.

    You and your: "Israel" "Occupations" "Racist"...get a grip already and try a differnt station other than al-Manur

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