I just had this idea pop up in my mind about the possible future for democracy(assuming it does survive and the world doesnt turn totalitar).

In the not so distance future almost everyone in the rich countries will probably be connected online almost constantly. Be it through future cell phone/mobile computers or farther in to the future through implanted chips.

Wouldnt this be the perfect way to start a real democracy? If the identity of each person can be guaranted we could be voting on issues several times a day if needed. Almost all big decisions could be run through a majority vote within a day or a week at the most. All the neccesary information could be sent automaticly aswell. One could also easily make it so the voters have to pass a few knoweledge tests on the issue at hand before the vote is registered so people just dont click it away.

Im not sure I would like this system. To many descisions that should not be for the people to decide imo.
But do you think this will be the way of the future when technology will make it possible??