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    Iraqi-Al-Qaeda split?

    Great article. I hope, for coalition troops, that the split will occur

    Evidence increases of an Iraqi-Qaeda split

    From the International Herald Tribune. Section: Africa and the Middle East.

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    The Islamic Army of Iraq is different from Al Queda in Iraq. They are two different resistance groups.

    The Islamic Army of Iraq is way more rational, and they usually target military, and not civilians. Al Queda on the other hand kills anyone. They have had their differences from day one, one leader even said he wants to track and kill Abu Musab Al-Zarqui.

    Even Al Queda leaders are telling Al Queda in Iraq leaders to calm down, because Abu Musab seems to have gone mad.

    Here are messages from the Islamic Army in Iraq, as you can see they are way more rational.


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    interesting, it would be nice to see muslim people take actions against Al-Queada, this would send a world message.

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