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    What you think about this music video?

    I saw this guys videos, and he makes all normal people seem like pawns of governments and cooperation's. And he makes sense.

    Although he seems very anti-US government.

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    yeah i can agree with alot of what he's saying about the media. he throws in some kinda goofy black power beliefs like the whole Jesus was black thing and that those in power are trying to destroy the black community, which i think if he actually read chomsky he would have a subtly different view of. chomsky focuses more on how those in power look at the poor as raw materials- they don't malevolently harm poor people, but rather it just happens in their power sustems, according to chomsky.

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    Lots of good images.

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    On the one hand, the people in the US seem like hapless pawns of a heartless government. On the other hand, most people who are eligible to vote, don't bother to vote. And they seldom educate themselves on the issues, so when they do vote, they don't really have a good grasp on what they're trying to decide.

    After that, it's a bit silly to place the blame for thing that go wrong with "the government," 'cause it's the voters who allow it to do what it does. Me, when I see things go awry, I usually blame 'em on the idiots who elected and re-elected Bush so he could continue sending Americans overseas to fight and die for oil, all without pushing for a rational National Energy Policy to wean us off of foreign energy dependency.
    Lots of folks voted for all this because they thought Kerry was too much of a weasel to protest the Vietnam War after getting shot at over there . . .

    sheesh . . .

    Just $.01 of my $.02 worth . . .


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