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    When a Jew Becomes a Palestinian Struggler: Prisoner Arena Srahna

    By Ali Samoudi, Jenin
    Within the walls of Tal Mond Prison, prisoner Arena Srahna still resides. She came from Ukraine and obtained the Palestinian citizenship after she married prisoner Ibrahim Moussa Ahmad Srahna and embraced Islam. She defies and works hard to retract the Israeli government’s decision that stipulated her expulsion to her original homeland after dedicating herself to struggle for the sake of the Palestinian cause. “What I did and still do – says Arena – expresses my absolute conviction to the justice of the Palestinian cause and the illegality of the occupation, which was not satisfied by arresting me, my husband and his brothers; but it also deprived us from our simplest rights. Moreover, it wants to expel and separate me from my children and husband as an act of revenge.”

    Denying Release

    Arena finished her 3-years sentence in the middle of October past, during which she experienced a harsh ordeal due to the isolation and punishment she had encountered coupled with interrogations and harsh conditions of imprisonment which she confronted with rigidity. In spite of her sadness because the occupation deprived her from seeing her 2 children: Ghazala (4 years) and Yassmin (6 years), yet the greater shock was when the Israeli intelligence decided to keep detaining her and began with arrangements to expel her.

    Arena said in a letter that was leaked from her detention: “The occupation decision to expel me is part of the war which "Israel" is launching against the Palestinian people. The prison did not harm my faith in the justice of the Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinian people to fight and liberate their land; likewise, expulsion will not change my conviction and I will not surrender. I will use all the necessary means to maintain my stay in Palestine with my family and children as well as with this great nation to which I am honored to be affiliated.”

    Amid the continuous activity of the legal and justice institutes to defy this decision, the tragedy of Arena keeps escalating because the occupation forces, says Akram Abu Sbaa, head of the Prisoners and Detainees Commission, as recommended by the intelligence, would deny her release from prison.

    He added, “We presented several appeals to release her after the expiry of her sentence in order to be reunited with her children until the final judgment is given. However, the intelligence would refuse and stress on the Israeli ministry of interior to hurry with the procedures and execute the process of her expulsion despite her children’s desperate need of their mother. For instance, her husband Ibrahim and his two brothers are still in prison. Her expulsion means real tragedy for the family which has been subject to the harshest punishments since Arena and her husband were arrested on May 23, 2002, after being accused of being involved in martyrdom operations.

    Arena’s participation in these activities angered the Israeli security mediums, especially because she embraced Christianity when she lived in Ukraine. And she arrived to Occupied Palestine on the bases that she was a Jew. While she lived and worked in Tel Aviv, she met and married Ibrahim.

    Declaring her Islam

    Despite the fact that he holds the Israeli citizenship, Ibrahim returned with his wife to Al-Dhaisha camp in Bethlehem, the home of his family which welcomed Arena, especially after she declared her Islam and mixed with the Palestinian society with its customs, traditions and values. This rendered her respected and admired by everyone.

    Participation in the Resistance

    In Al-Dhaisha camp, she lived and watched the details of the Palestinian tragic life resulting from the occupation and its terror. Haj Abu Yusuf, her father-in-law, says, “She, without our knowledge, decided to participate with her husband in the resistance to fight the occupation. After their arrest, it was revealed that they had participated in several operations. Therefore, this viscous attack was to express the concealed anger and hatred of the occupation towards Arena who stood up proudly before the Israeli court for what she had sacrificed for the sake of the freedom of the people who love and respect her.”

    Details of the Operations

    The investigations, which were circulated by the Israeli security apparatuses following the arrest of Ibrahim and Arena, revealed that he gave a ride to a self-sacrificing woman called Ayat Al-Akhras in order to execute her operation in Karyat Hyufel in the western occupied part of Al-Quds. Soon afterwards, the whole world heard the news about a unique martyrdom operation that was executed by Ayat. However, until that moment, the participation of Ibrahim and Arena was not discovered. This helped them continue with their activities. Therefore, the second operation took place, according to the investigation dossiers, after the withdrawal of the occupation forces and after lifting the siege from the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. Ibrahim was getting ready for the second operation. Hence, he went out with Arena on a stroll inside the green line. Ibrahim rode his car accompanying a young man called Eissa Bdeir and a female college student called Areen Ahmad. Although crossing the security checkpoints, especially during those environments, made his task difficult by all means, yet Ibrahim was successful as always in reaching his goal.

    When Ibrahim Srahna and his wife returned, no one knew that they did not go on a stroll. Instead, they were carrying out a military mission, the aim of which was to execute a double martyrdom operation. The first bombing was going to take place in Reshon Letsyon, near Tel Aviv, a settlement that was build on the debris of the Palestinian destroyed village Ayoun Qara. After the policemen and Ambulances reached the scene, the second bombing would take place.

    The Detainment

    Haj Abu Yusuf says, “Backed by great reinforcements, the occupation forces raided our house and arrested Ibrahim and Arena, after taking her child Ghazala (18 months) from her arms. The arrest was surprising; especially that everyone knew that there was no political affiliation or activity of Ibrahim and Arena who were led to military outposts for interrogation. There, all kinds of internationally prohibited methods of tortures were performed against them. The occupation and intelligence used all methods to revenge on them after accusing them of transporting a number of self-sacrificing militants from Bethlehem, who executed martyrdom operations in Al-Quds and Tel Aviv.

    Abu Yusuf also narrated that Arena has been moved several times to experience several centers of torture; she experienced the two evils, especially during her interrogation at Al-Mascoubiya detention camp in Occupied Al-Quds. In addition, she was banned from the visits of the lawyers and human rights institutes. They targeted her out of vengeance and punishment until she fainted. And because of the monstrous interrogation and torture she was admitted to the hospital several times and was banned from treatment; her life was endangered. And throughout the period of detention, the harshest penalty was banning her from seeing her two children.

    The Court

    The military court imposed on Ibrahim a sentence of life imprisonment six times. At present, he is detained in Al-Ramla prison with his two brothers Moussa and Khalil, both sentenced to life imprisonment with 20 years additional, charged with transporting Palestinian martyrdom militants to execute operations against Zionist targets inside the green line.

    On the other hand, Arena was tried and sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment with 5 years additional as a precautionary detainment. She finished her time in the middle of October last.

    Abu Yusuf clarified that the occupation intelligence would not allow her to return to the camp to be reunited with her two little children. Instead, it issued an order to the Zionist ministry of interior to take her immediately from Tal Mond Prison to Ben Gurion International Airport, and from there to be expelled to her original homeland Ukraine. Therefore, despite her steadfastness, Arena lives the fear and agony of the executing of this decision that will separate her from her family, husband and two children.

    With anger and condemnation, Abu Yusuf Srahna said: regardless of the cost, he will use all means to stop this ugly crime and unjust judgment. There is no law or doctrine that permits what the occupation performs. We have already initiated with the legal procedures to frustrate this plan and prevent the occupation from expelling Arena.
    Source:Al-Intiqad, 18 November 2005. Date: 21/11/2005 Time 12:13

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilitiaGuy
    “She, without our knowledge, decided to participate with her husband in the resistance to fight the occupation. After their arrest, it was revealed that they had participated in several operations.
    Seeing as the writer of this article chose not to fill us in on what "operations" she participated in, or what was the outcome of the "operations", I'm left to wonder if they weren't suicide bombings, or terrorist attacks.

    If the "operations" she participated in were terroristic attacks, then she's lucky in my mind that deportation is all that she's facing.

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    Just notice the writer and the town he's from...that should be enough. Jenin is known as a haven of radicals.

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    in my experience,

    "caucasian" women who converted to Islam because they married an Arab muslim cannot be trust, they are crazy and emotionally unbalanced

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