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    AAS use is a world war ... ther is way to much people that dont know what it is..

    Sometimes I wonder...

    Steroid .com and many similar forums around the world must earn ALOT of money.
    Realy there forums must be cashcows.

    If aas use is going to have any real future we need organisations that can hire people&scientists that have the power to change the image of steroids and push to change the laws.

    Sooner or later there will be a stop to aas usage when regular people dont consider it wort the risk with ever increasing punishments for usage.

    The tiny sum of money that would be needed to fund research isnt anything compared to the gains that could be made from showing the world that steroid usages is safe.

    These sites naturaly develop and it seems natural that we should take steps to change the laws aswell.

    More cooperation is needed so that people in the power to make changes can be overwhelmed with scientific evidence about steroids safety.

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    actually no...

    steroids were legal before in the US and the big nutrionational companies lobbies pushed for a banning of steroids.

    Weider and cohorts pressures the government to schedule the use of roids, so they'll use more of their "LEGAL" craps

    I like it how the scene is underground, unfortunately it is too hot right now, and 3/4 of the site should be closed down.

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