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    who , and what is the good knight in the good religon way off speeking to day

    I have NO way to make somebody to a idiot.. now i have done som atention to that.

    pleas englich is not good but use some fantasy and mayby you understand me.

    Thank you.

    This is just a my life and way I have only have the bibel in my hand..
    nothing more nothing les so i am a lost soul LOL.

    My only fate is self controll and love..But in religon way i think and i belive ther is somthing upp ther..
    but i dont think ther is some one on Earth that can say who that god is or what that god have for religon.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************

    But my question is :

    If god exist...who , and what is the good knight in the good religon way off speeking to day.

    If god realy exist...

    In the bibel.. if i dont remember rong.. it say somthing like.. you must love.. not fight.. ore somthing

    and in religons ther is a ok to diffend his way of belive in religon

    and all the 10 bibel messeng word in peas,harmony and love.

    But in some how in the end , and in the holl picture and points is ther only one god??

    What is the problem? : if somebody have done that ore that and mohamed or sangt maria.. and evry body

    bla bla bla and he is black and he is yellow and he is red and he beliving in kkk and he is on the moon..

    yea yea.. you know the holl stuff and all forms of way to lock att the religon and the koran/bibels on diffrent way.!!

    In the end of this..

    God left this world (Human was not living up to gods word).

    In meny meillenium the human ras started a world war and smaller war and holly war! in just the reason ther is meny way to lock

    on the religon books.

    Was ther a point from God to make the books to lock at the bibel or koran at this simulary way?

    Is this gods POISEN to make people belive at the fate on more then one way? ,

    Is this gods paybak!

    we are killing and murder in fate and beliving !!?.

    What god can left so much pain and suffer!

    And in some how.. god expekt love and whant folks to join gods tempel and expekt that peopel get more fate..!!?

    how can this superior god , make this done to peopole , and let this happend ! ? his people...all pain?.

    And the books say.. if evrybody get on the religon hay way , god will combak and give forgivnes..?

    What I can se is ultimat power hunger form god or a preast..!!!

    God left and the reason was (the human rase didnt do what god whanted !).

    And.. IF this god and this god is so good.. and god REALY left the world whit one way to lock

    at bibel or what ever is the gods will!.

    Have 40 humans writen and change the bibel under all this years with the devils hands when god

    not diffend us from the devil on Earth?

    God have not diffed the books and people , whit all the wars the world have bin in or maybe the devil

    have manipulate the religon books and poop after God left Earth ....!!?!!.

    No body is taking about the devil... how fateful is this bibel and koran .. after all this years..?

    how can ther be some true in religon books under all this years..

    what in all devils power can stopp him from manipulating the bibel or what ever the holly words are say in all of this books?

    Ther must be plenty off satanik peopols , that have party evry day when a preast are

    reading the books in the churth ore in the holly tempels!!.

    who is the good boys and girls on earth to day in a religon way of speaking?.

    who , and what is the good knight in the good way off speeking to day?.

    Is ther eny human how obay the religons book and realy can say that this is not a fake and this is not devils work!.

    Pleas let me know if you do know!! Thanks

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    interresting views. ill reply tomorrow. what is your native language??

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    Thank you.. Sweden / Swe / Swedich / Svenska
    ( Three Crowns <--> Hocky ) .
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