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    Best thing to do afetr weight ins?

    Best thing to do after weight ins? I just have to drop 9 lbs this time. I plan on only taking one lasix. whats should i do its a 24 hr weight in

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    Start eating carbs and drinking lots of Gatorade, Powerade, etc. This will allow you blow up and hold your fluids.


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    I wouldn't go with lasix because it plays with your potasium level... I'd go with something milder like Diazide.. I lost 10lbs on it for the weigh in... Just to make sure you are rehydrating enough: 2 liters of GATORADE+ salt in it. Eat alot of salty food and drink plenty of water. Salit make water retnetion and this is what you are looking for after deshydratation.


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