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    Question Bench Max and winning a bench competition

    Looking to up my bench max by may. Im currently at 230 in 17 and weigh 145 and starting a new plan where i bench something 10 times and for 3 sets and only bench twice a week. Then after 2 or 3 weeks after that up the weight by 10 lbs. Does this sound good or.. looking for suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brill#31
    i weigh 145 pounds and i max at 230 maybe 240 is this good? I wanna no cuz im entering a bencing contest in may and i want to win the entire thing for my weight class and body % of weight lifted. Plz give some feedback i'd like to get my max close to 300 by then plz give me some tips or if i have no chance. im only 17

    Get the best shirt you can. Of course,check your federation before you go buy one. Depending on how hard ive trained,I may, switch to dumbells, do more rack work then actual bench, make sure you are fully healed.

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    on the dip rack.
    300 at 145 is good, 230 for 145 isnt too good bro. the last federation i was in, if i remember correctly, there was a kid from a different county doing 235 in the 119 weight class. im not too familiar with poundages in lower weight classes but, if your bench percentage is leaning to almost 2% then your set. dont expect to win if its at around 1.5%. 2% strength to weight ratio will win the meets almost all the time. especially if your in the lower weight classes. when you start to get into the 181 and 199 weight classes the strength to mass ratio becomes hectic. my strength to mass ratio was 2.08% when i was weight in at 179 in the 181 weight class but i still had trouble.

    ive never used a shirt in my life, but i guess, if you can use one then use one. my fedration didnt allow shirts so there goes that.

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    he means 200%. or 2X... not two percent. That would be pathetic.

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    Honestly, I think you need to focus on which particular training method that you are going to use...before you start to worry too much about shirts.... Now, if you are interested in training MM style (metal Militia) style, I whole heartedly recommend using a shirt..and IMO if you're going to do it... you should do it...and start off on a Karen's or an Inzer double denim...

    Bench shirts are not something that you can just pick up and put on and immediatly know how to fact, you'll probably be benching less with your shirt when you first start then what you can do raw... (It's mostly about Tricep power)...anyway, I advise that you get with someone who knows something about using shirts and have them teach's not very easy to pic up proper from pics and videos.

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    did a local comp a while back with std bench pressing rules. weighed in at 193 at my last attempt i got 355-placed sixth. the sad thing is there wasnt even any powerlifters there

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    get a denim shirt

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    Yeah, I hate to say it, but I weigh the same as you do and am benching right at 400 and am NOT always the strongest guy in my weight class. Do a search for some Westside barbell workouts or Metal Militia workouts...either of those are a good place to start!

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