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Thread: Bench press raw

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    Bench press raw

    Hello all. Ive been powerlifting for about 9 months, im 5'9" @200. When i started i had a goal of benching 300 raw, ive aready passed that and im on my way to 400. currentlly i bench 350 raw. I have a Inzer hphd single ply ive used 5 times but i only have 370 in wieghts so i need to get a few 45 plates. I benched 300 for 10 in it so i think i should be able to get at least 400 for 1. Im gonna start taking some supplements like cell tech and nirto tech hoping they will give me alittle help. Any advise would be great!!

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    Are you asking if Creatine and protein can help with your bench?

    Creatine is probably the most effective Legal supp on the market.... I think it can definitly help a guy out! WRT to protein... the more you eat the more you grow.. the more you grow...the stronger you get!

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