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    nandralone and joint pain in rain storms...

    I figured Id post this here cause plers are more prone to the joint issuse and like the use of deca .

    Anyhow, heres my question: I had surgery on my elbow, ligament repaid and cartelage removed... this is all old and well rehabed. I do feel some discomfort when it rains at times. Im currently using nandralone phenylprop/test prop. How far into use of nandralone phenylprop compounds is this alleviation of joint discomfort noticed? With deca it seemed to be around weeks 4-5. Just not sure with the phenylprop.

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    I wish I could help bro. I have never used deca or nandralone. I will see someone tomorrow that might know. If I can remember, I'll run it across him. Anyway, here's a bump.

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