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    Say for example you were training to compete in bench press

    From day one, would you focus ONLY on bench press and the other associative muscles (triceps, shoulders)

    Or would you include things like squats, leg presses, deadlifts along with training chest and the associative muscles.

    It is to my understand that training with exercises like squats and deadlifts, that will help increase strength in the areas of bench press for example. Is this true and is there any evidence to back it up?


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    I can't give you any evidence but,I can tell you how I train for a bench meet.Of course you are going to lift heavy in everything you do,legs included. I do spend a bit more time on the bench and dumbell presses.I will work with chains one day of the week and boards another.I will train with my shirt at least once a week exspecially on lockouts.Remember if you can lock it out you can bench it. I train my legs basically the same all the time (heavy),so I can't say if that helps out my bench alot or not,but I know it doesn't hurt me.I do tend to train triceps a little harder because you will find in lifting with a bench shirt and keeping your elbows tucked,you will realize just how much tricep's are involved in a heavy bench. I don't know if this info is what you are looking for but hopefully it will help.Peace!!

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