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    in some pu$$y

    help!!!!! not sure what to do.

    here is the situation. i am in week 4 of my cycle and i just found out about a bench press compation at my university. i looked at the weight classes and it is over 230 is heavy weight. well, right now i weigh 227 and the comp. is 3 weeks away. i would like to win this but there is no way i can win it in the heavy weight class. my question is what can i do to drop quick pounds before the comp. i have 1 week left of dbol where all my weight is going to come from. after that is is test e, eq, tren . i do not want to mess with the cycle. that is more important the the comp but i would like to win this thing.

    i was thinking about cutting water. about 15 to 20 hour before maybe take a lasic? i dont want to hinder my gains ro the weight i can lift that day. if i have to i will just be heavy. any suggestions would be great thanks

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    umm...i suggest eating the best you can, absolutely no junk, run a few miles a day after your workout...that should do it. my friend is in wrestling, and to save himself from going against the 5A(thats the biggest high school size) texas state champ in wrestling, he ran about 3 miles a day in a hooded sweat shirt, and ate practically nothing but fruit and veggies. Good luck bro.

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    I would drop the dbol .. Is that the only anabolic you are taking?

    What does your complete cycle look like?

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