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    Colligen Synthesis

    I am going to do a cycle, actually multiple cycles switching from androgenic steroids to insulin and hca. With enough time between androgenics for hpta to bounce back. I'm not going to use any very suppresive roids. I'm going to use EQ and I learned that it increases colligen synthesis does this mean my lifts will go up and my potential for injury will drop? How do I make the most of this colligen synthesis? What exactly is it synthesising? Is glucosamine a good addition to my cycle?
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    mate why dont you post in the steroid questions i think you will get some helpfull info i think you will find eq to be a suppresive roid but best listen to someone with a bit more experience. glucosomine is a good supplement to any one doing heavy weights juicing or not and i feel it should be used year round as it takes a little while to get any benifits from it good luck

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