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    looking to dramatically increase core lifts.

    I've been powerlifting for three years now and thus far i have set two state records and national records and I'm working towards national and world records. The main point of this post is to find out some products out there that could aid in achieving my goals as well as some good tips to raise my maxes.

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    What we use is boards for bench, different heights, using 2x4s, using 1 thru 4 boards, keeping reps no more than 3

    Squats - use racks with bands pulling down on some weeks and pulling up on others

    Deadlifts, stand on blocks, no more than 3 inches for starting power/speed and rack pulls (starting from knees) for lockouts

    Hope this helps

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    Congrats on the awards bro, Just wondering what federation are you competeing in. Also what are your stats, and with the records you have you must be doing something right, keep up the good work.


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    Are you hinting around and asking if we would help you put a steroid cycle together? If so, it's alright to just flat out ask bro.. the name of this board is

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    In the Gym, if i could
    1. build more muscle
    2. eat more
    3 rest more
    4. try static training
    5. steroids ..

    strength steroids

    dbol /test

    lots of test... and tren ..

    did i mention test..??

    Really diet is more important than the juice, and avoiding over training..
    The answer to your every question


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