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    The Giants of Gym Sport are coming to L.A.! News Flash!
    The FIT Expo
    February 18th-20th, 2005
    Pasadena Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena CA 91106


    The Mendelson Classic Super Pro Showdown
    Sunday, February 20th at 2pm
    $5,000 Cash Prize - Biggest Bench Takes All!
    (Benchers on the VIP invite list are)
    Ryan "BenchMonster" Kennelly (3xArnold Classic Benchpress Medalist) - Officially Signed Up!
    Andy Fiedler (Heavyweight Bencher You Saw Lift in the Animal Pak Cage at the 2004 Mr. Olympia) - Officially Signed Up!
    Brian Siders (Current IPF Superheavyweight Powerlifting Champion and Strongest Lifter on ESPN2's Mountaineer Cup VI Pro Powerlifting Competition)
    Gary "The Louisiana Leviathan" Frank (Arnold Classic and GNC SOS Heavyweight Powerlifting Champion)
    Gene Rychlak (2004 Arnold Classic Heavyweight Benchpress Champion)
    Shawn Lattimer (2004 Arnold Classic Heavyweight Benchpress Silver Medalist and BenchAmerica2 Bronze Medalist)
    Chris "Power Freak" Taylor (Nationally Ranked APF Powerlifter and Benchpresser)
    Vincent "Big Daddy" Dizenzo (BenchAmerica1 308 Class Winner, BenchAmerica2 Competitor and Arnold Classic Benchpress Championships Competitor)
    Joe "The Mississippi Monster" Ladnier (Light Heavyweight Bencher You Saw Lift in the Animal Pak Cage at the 2004 Mr. Olympia and at the last two Arnold Classics, BenchAmerica competitor and a legend in the world of powerlifting)
    Tiny Meeker (BenchAmerica1 and BenchAmerica2 competitor and Multi WABDL World Benchpress Champion)
    Bill Crawford (2004 Arnold Classic Benchpress Heavyweight Competitor)
    Clay Brandenburg (Arnold Classic Benchpress Competitor)
    Steve Wong (Current WABDL 308 Class World Benchpress Champion)
    Chris Cooke (Arnold Classic Benchpress Competitor)
    For more information, log on to

    The Mendelson Classic APF Amateur Benchpress Competition
    Sunday, February 20th at High Noon
    See some of the best men and women amateur benchers in the country compete!
    For more information, log on to

    USPF Western USA Powerlifting Cup
    This full powerlifting meet (Squat + Bench + Deadlift = Total) is a qualifier for the Mountaineer Cup pro powerlifting competition that airs on ESPN2!
    For more information, log on to

    The Fit Expo Strongman Pro
    $6,000 in cash prizes!
    Top 3 Get Invited to the IFSA 2005 Super Series Contest "The Battle of Muscle Beach"
    (Some of the strongmen on the invite list are)
    Mark Philippi (WSM Competitor)
    Phil Pfister (WSM Competitor)
    Odd Haugen (WSM Competitor)
    Jesse Marunde (GNC SOS Strongman Competitor)
    Jon Andersen
    Grant Higa
    Ken Brown
    Jim Glassman
    Van Hatfield (Current Pro USA National Champion)
    Travis Ortmayer (2004 USA Amateur Champion)
    Karl Gillingham (WSM Competitor)
    (The Events for the Contest, 2 Days, 3 Events Per Day)
    Iron Mind®Apollon Axle Lift (Who can Lift the MOST weight overhead?)
    The athlete must lift a 2” axle with fixed wheels for maximum weight from the ground to overhead. Olympic plates will be added to axle to increase weight.
    Farmers Walk (Who can Carry the FURTHEST?)
    The athlete will attempt to lift and carry two objects in his bare hands for as long a distance as possible.
    Power Medley (Who can Move the objects FASTEST?)
    The athlete will attempt to carry a heavy object 50 feet, then lift a 500 pound weight up a set of stairs. Fastest time wins.
    Giant Tire Lift (Who can Lift the MOST weight?)
    The athlete will attempt to dead lift a giant tire loaded on a rack for as many repetitions as possible.
    Super Yoke Carry (Who can Carry the FURTHEST/FASTEST?)
    The athlete will attempt to lift and carry a super yoke on his shoulders for up to 50 feet.
    Stones of Strength (Who can Lift, Carry and Load the FASTEST?)
    The athlete will attempt to lift, carry and load 5 stones weighing from 306 pounds to 385 pounds on to a platform. Fastest time to load all 5 stones wins.
    For more information, log on to

    IronMan Magazine's IFBB Pro Show
    $20,000 in Cash Prizes!
    Top 3 Finalists Get Invited to The Olympia!
    Troy Alves
    Melvin Anthony
    Jason Arntz
    Chris Cormier
    Mark Dugdale
    Youssef El Zein
    Derik Farnsworth
    Anthony Freeman
    David Henry
    Milton Holloway
    Christian Lobarede
    Dennis James
    Rusty Jeffers
    Heiko Kallbach
    King Kamali
    Jeffery Long
    Mike Morris
    Jojo Ntiforo
    Jocelyn Pelletier
    Lee Priest
    Frank Roberson
    Armin Scholz (Germany)
    Rodney St. Cloud
    Thomas Stellander
    Craig Titus
    George Turmon
    Massimo Valli
    Eduard Van Amsterdam
    Idrise Ward El
    For more information, log on to

    Obusforme NPC Figure Competition
    Pre-Judging, Expo Hall, Saturday at 1pm - Free to All Fans Who Come to The FIT EXPO!
    Amanda Chapman
    Lisa Darelli
    Jennifer Dejoya
    Andrea Dumon
    Alexis Ellis
    Aby Eyre
    Debra Gallegos
    Meriza Goncalves
    Brandi Halbert
    Holly Marie Hill
    Monica Iles
    Sheron Kestler
    Fatima Machado
    Callie Marunde
    Jennifer Micheli
    Masae Parker
    Amy Peters
    Jennifer Ralph
    Venus Ramos
    Paulette Richards
    Elizabeth Rocha
    Erica Sammy
    Jennifer Warner
    Erica White
    Crystal Wong
    Vivian Dan Xu
    Shari Yates

    Plus Seminars, Demos and Workshops With
    Bodybuilding Stars - Bob Cicherillo, Jay Cutler, Roland Kickinger, Lee Priest, Shawn Ray, Gunter Schlierkamp and Craig Titus

    And a radical tradeshow hall featuring the following vendors:
    24 Hour Fitness

    Alkaline Institute

    All American Pharm

    Aqua Pro

    Assil/Sinskey Eye Institute

    Body Temple

    Brazil Workout


    Compex Technologies

    Country Power

    Dermal Tone

    Dream Tan

    Egg Whites Intl.

    Enjoy Living Air


    Gaspari Nutrition

    GLC Direct

    Grassland Beef

    Happy Cooking

    Home Gym Warehouse

    House of Pain

    Image Catering

    Iron Man Magazine

    Iron Mind/Milo

    Labrada Nutrition



    Lasik Spa

    Life Source Water Systems


    Los Angeles Times

    Max Muscle


    Miracle Greens

    Monster Energy

    Muscle Tech


    Oxygen Women's Fitness

    Patrick Goudeau

    Pacific Health Labs

    Planet Body

    Planet Muscle/SS&S

    Polar Electro

    Powerlifting USA




    Shell Vacations


    Sun Laboratories

    Targit Systems

    Ultimate Nutrition

    Via Viente

    Vital Choice Seafood


    Weider Publications

    World Gym

    Worldwide Nutrition



    And much, much more!

    We'll see ya in Los Angeles this February!

    Seanzilla Katterle

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    Just ordered my tickets

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