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Thread: Squating

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    I'm in powerlifting and i was wondering if any of yall knew the best technique for squat??? I see alot of other lifters doing it, and they have really small legs, and they are doing like 425??? and dont even way more that 148?? There's got to be a better technique than mine...I'm obvisously doing something wrong.................

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    They are probably doing half reps.

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    are they going past 90 degrees?

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    Probably using Halotestin , Clenbuterol , and diuretics. And a few other things.

    That is what they do, but technique wise there are a lot of things. Go to Loui Simmons powerlifting page and read his articles on squatting and you will see a major part of how they are able to lift so much, form wise.

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    Squatting in a suit is different than squatting raw. When you squat in a suit you want a real wide stance. Break at the hips first and sit back and down, instead of straight down. You can't really squat like that raw because you'll **** your hips up.

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    Are you asking because you want your legs to be bigger or stronger???? I too have noticed this. I just by genetics have large thighs, of course it doesn't hurt that I train in powerlifting. I do my squats fairly least for powerlifting standards. Of course I started out in olympic weightlifting and thats how we did them. I've tried doing wide stance squats, but found that over time I was still stronger with a stance a little more than shoulder width. I consider myself a pretty good squater...close to 750# as a drugfree 220. So really think it all depends on your body type and how you've trained in the past. Give the wide-stance squats a try for a few months and see if you notice anything different.

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    I could'nt comment on your squat unless I saw it for, in person exc... But if you are a Powerlifter then Westside Training is the way to go. I belong to a gym that trains their lifters strictly for powerlifting or people who want to be really strong. When i joined in July of '04 I squatted 365, by December '04 I squatted 573 in a meet. I would suggest either finding a person to train with who knows Westside well or find a gym that trains that way. Until then check out or

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