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    Benchpress Video Clips 600x1, 635x1, 600x4 and 315x30

    Run to da chopper now! Benchpress Island Blew up The Arnold Classic's tradeshow!

    The first clip is from Ryan "BenchMonster" Kennelly's lifting exhibition and it shows him blasting up a 600 and then a 635! (The day after he won the WPO Benchpress World Championship!)

    The second clip is from Brian Siders' lifting exhibition and shows him annihilating 600x4 and then 315x30! (The day after he took 5th place, in his first ever strongman outing, at the MHP Strongman Challenge!)

    Each video clip will take a few minutes to load, but they're totally worth the wait!

    To watch BenchMonster press 600 and then 635 click here

    To watch Siders bench 600x4 and then 315x30 click here

    You can also access both video clips here

    Super thanks to Inzer Advance Designs ( ), BenchAmerica ( ), House of Pain ( ), FORZA Strength Systems ( ) and to Powerlifting USA magazine ( to subscribe please call 1.800.448.7693 ) for sponsoring Benchpress Island and thanks again to House of Pain for sponsoring Kennelly and Siders' benching seminar.

    HardcorePowerlifting had a blast filming and working at Benchpress Island and we appreciate the thousands of lifters and fans who stopped by to visit.

    Rock On,

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    your fridge
    That guy in the first's video's max is probley around 700 I guess which is pretty heavy. Why didn't he go heavier.

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    this is pretty sick

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