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    Interested in training to be a powerlifter....

    Hello, I've been weight training for about a year and a hlf seriously for my bodybuilding endeavors. The sad thing is, I haven't gained much mass within that time period probably due to the fact that i wasn't lifting heavy enough. I know for a fact powerlifters gain more mass than bodybuilders during the offseason, both may be plump to some extent, but when all that fat is stripped off, a powerlifter's muscles look much fuller, bigger, deeply etched, and hard like granite. I'm 5'11 175-180 lbs around 17% BF. If anyone can show me a good beginners training regimine or recommend a website, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also, hows the powerlifter's diet compared to a bodybuilder's diet? From what I hear its a lot less restrictive.

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    good questions i was wondering the same because i wanted to start competing in college when i go


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    boy this is a broad ranged question. you typicaly train 3-4 dyas a week. you work around making your core lifts stronger(squat, press, deadlift)_ and not training individual muscle groups(example, one day bi, and tri, chest and back) training specific muscle groups with high reps to fail-ure is bodybuilding. powerlifting is using maximum effort with heavier weights(maximal or submaximal loads) and using lower reps(5 to 3 reps on core lifts and 8 to 10 on auxillary lifts)_usualy not to training to failure. diet depends on the individual , HIGH protein is a must, but you don't have to starve and watch your carb intake, you can get away with alot. i try to take at the least 1 gram of protein for every pound i weigh,some other peoplei know try for even more than this, i think it is overkill. web sites, (they also sell videos and books)this site is not for beginers but they can help answer questions, otherwise to find info, find someone in person who does the sport ask them questions, find books on the subject, use the internet to search there are tons of workouts and info on line,another site google crains muscle world, more books and videos,powerlifting usa magazine and monster muscle magazine both excellent for powerlifting, and if you have any other questions, contact me i will help you out. good luck

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