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    Best leg workout?

    I am contimplating doing legs every 4th day in order to build them while i am on my current cycle, test c and eq and was wondering what would be the best training split for this and if this is enough rest, my legs are lacking so i want them to catch up, anyone have any routines they would suggest for size. thanks

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    First, your post is asking about increasing size, not strength. Are you sure you want a powerlifter's perspective? Maybe this should be in the Workout Questions section.

    Why don't you give us some more information about yourself? What's your current stats / experience?

    Without knowing anything about you, I would do a 5x5 routine with squats and stiff-legged deadlifts as heavy as possible. Or, you might want to search for a member's routine on here called "swolecat protocol" for legs or something like that. Many people have had good results with this. I believe it is more in favor of bodybuilding though, not powerlifting.

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    squats 3x8 1 to 1 1/2minute rest between all sets

    leg ex 3x12
    legs curls3x12

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