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    Lost my Workout Buddies

    My Uncle and His son (my cousin) moved and now I'm stuck. We worked out in his gym in his garage and they are the one ones who got me into powerlifting and the APF. Well I got a new gym, but no good workout buddies or motivation. I'm stuck.... any suggestions

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    just ask somebody for a spot and then give them a spot if needed I use to work out with out a spotter and on bench i'd do 295 4 times without a spotter until one day I hurt my shoulder then didn't trust myself with that much weight but what i'm getting at you'll meet some new people and lifting by yourself just ask for a spot here and there good luck.

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    do all your lifts iincluding the press in a power rack!!! motivation willbe you use the shirt and squat suits??i am going to assume so since you said you lift in thje apf. near impossible to train equipped by your self. join a powerllifting gym or the closest thing to one, find people with the same intrest and try to train with them. where are you located?? also you can still lift and try some raw meets, you can train alone for a raw meet.

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