I posted some poundages I wanted to hit this year and while I didn't stick to a powerlifting program I wanted to share my results.

My post as of 5-26-05
Weight 205lbs
Height 5'9"
bf 12-15%
Bench 325lbs Goal 400lbs by Jan 1 2006
Squat 495lbs Goal 595lbs
Deadlift 425lbs Goal 515lbs

Today 12-02-05
Weight 220-225lbs
bf 17%
Bench 340lbs +15lbs
Squat 585lbs +90lbs
Deadlift 455 +30lbs

I made some crazy ass goals that I didn't quite meet but hey, not bad for 5 months worth of work. The only thing I'm worried about is a shoulder injury I may have from the 585lb squat today. I guess I'll know how bad it is within the next few days. Let me know what you guys think. Good progress? so so? I'll tell you one thing, my legs definitely look bigger after all that