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    Damn Those Powerlifters

    I was always curious how powerlifters get soo strong besides using AS. I "powerlift" & I think I am pretty weak, but I just started lifting the first time the past year. How do they do it?

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    there is a method to the madness... you probably will waste a lot of time trying to powerlift on your own thru trial and error... your best bet is to find (if you're lucky) some powerlifters to train with and learn from... it is a unique style of training unlike anything else that is pretty far removed from bodybuilding (although in my opinion some of the best bodybuilders have powerlifted along the way like Ronnie & Arnold) research if you can't find guys to train with or maybe get a subscription to Powerlifting USA for a push in the right direction... until then train the 3 lifts squat, bench, and deadlift... go heavy and stay consistent.

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    The problem most new lifters have is that they try to powerlift while bodybuilding. They want to get strong, but they too want to have the "Big Swelled-up Looking Muscle." You really can't do both if you want to get the most out of your powerlifting. Also, many new lifters lift too much....meaning too often. They put themselves thru these tuff workouts and they don't get enough rest. YOu have to remember. On the most part....most great powerlifters have been at it along time. They have paid many hard years of busting their as**s in the gym. They have gone thru the ups and downs, in and outs. They've made all the mistakes of "Fad" routines. They've tried all of the "Newest things" But they have stuck with it and are now receiving the reward to all their traiing. I work w/ so many young lifters that think you just start lifting and that in no time you should be throwing up these huge numbers. They don't know or understand the long road to success. Like RJ said, the best thing you can do is hook-up w/ someone that knows what they are talking about. This could save you years of mistakes. Main points: Stay Focused, train hard, and be patient. It will come.

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    It's really all about how you train. You must focus on the compeition lifts with little "assitance work". Partial movements and speed training are essential. Hit me up on PM if you need some specific help.

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