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    Steroids while power lifting

    I dont know for sure yet if Im going to do a powerlifting or bodybuilding routine while I am on my first cycle(this fall).

    I am just loking for what would be safest, and doing powerlifting while on the cycle isnt that more risky considering the huge strenght gains and the constant 1rm's?
    A bodybuilding routine whit a rep range around 6-10 sounds safer to me .

    What do you guys think?

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    Its all risky. BUt i hit most of my reps (full range reps on Bench, Squat, dead) in the 3 to 5 rep range off season. I do my maxes on assistance work. Like Boards presses, Box Squats, Good Mornings, ETC. You will gain a more solid base with powerlifting then you will with bodybuilding from the beggingin. Once you got size BB will shape it and fill out certain parts. But you can always hit the big three squat , bench, deadlift, then move on to some BB type work. That way you could get a good base and pump a bit too. Either way your first cycle you will gain good regardless. Just train intense and make sure to get good rest no matter what route you choose.
    The thing with powerlifting is your always wanting to go up in the weight you lift, that alone keeps you hungry. Looking in a mirror and waiting for result seems like it takes forever. Cause believe me you can get stronger without visibly gettign alot bigger.

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    Good advice here. I would limit 1RM testing in the off-season (every few weeks) as it pretty much fatigues you in succeeding sets. You won't have to worry about injury as long as you are reasonably increasing loads while maintaining form, don't let the AAS to get to your head and make huge jumps in weightloads.

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