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    In the gym..........

    Attn: Big Benchers- I Need Help

    Ok guys my workout routine was going great and now i'm starting to platue. I was doing as follows 2x10 - 135 on the flat bench.
    1x10 - 225
    8x3 - 290 ( 70% of my max)
    1x2 - 320
    1x2 - 350
    1x3 - 365 ( 90% of my max)
    I originally started this workout with 225 for the 8 setts of three and going up in sets of two's until i hit 90% of my max for 1. Added five pounds a week to each set and ended up stopping at the above workout. I need advice or another routine to switch off to. I do boards and floor presses on thurs. for my tris so i'm doing some secondary work. I would like to try another routine to keep my bench getting stronger. So please any input on new routines or just diffrent routines would help .....thanks........
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    Here was my routine a couple of months back before I hurt my shoulder a bit and I had to lay off. My max was 425lbs and I weighed 165lbs. None of the sets were ever done to failier and I always did my routine without a spotter. I only used a spotter when testing my max bench.

    1. 1 plate - 25 reps to warm up
    2. 2 plates - 16 reps
    3. 2 plates 1 quarter - 13 reps (x2)
    3. 3 plates - 8 reps
    4. 3 plates 1 quarter - 4 reps
    5. 3 plates - 8 reps
    8. 2 plates 1 quarter - whatever ya have left

    My max was up to 425 and still going up when I had to lay off. I was going for 450.

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    glad to see you on the boards again
    pljay posted a routine for you on his thread

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    if you bench press stops going up....change your routine...just do like close grip bench and dips for a week....throw your body off....

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