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Thread: cutting weight

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    cutting weight

    What do you guys do to lose weight for a comp? How many weeks out do you try to get down to the desired weight class you want. Im about 11 weeks out and im about 15 lbs overweight. You think i should try to cut now or when the meet gets closer ?

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    I usually dont have problems with making weight. If I am over tho, I will find out my bodyfat level, reduce carb intake, and maybe add in clen . I dont really believe in the dehyrdation techniques guys do. If you dont have water, you cant hit PRs.

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    I don't ever try to drop my wt. anymore either. I kept losing strength everytime I did drop my wt. But if you're going to drop wt. do it gradually over a period of time. Don't do the typical "Bid Drop" that powerlifters are famous for the week before the meet. This is not good on your body, and I can't see how you wouldn't lose strength. Like mentioned previously, lower your carbs and increase your protein intake. A super high protein diet will help you drop some wt.

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    start now, when you drop drastic weight quick, you lose alot of strength, , i have been droping 2 weight classes to go back to my original weight class one more time. i started droping weight rt after thanks giving, i only have 8lbhs to go, now i am just trying to maintain weight for now, contest isn't until june, i will do the final drop the last 10 to 8 wks

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