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    Scotty, beam me up

    ME bench day 3/6

    floor press wroked my way upp to 220*2, when I couldnt get the 3d rep I got so freaking pissed, was about to go home from the freaking gym, but then my friend did 3 easy reps on 242 and I though now way in hell am I going to let him do 3 reps on that without me atleast doing 1 rep on it. So I cramed out 1 rep on it and beat my previous week 1rm but didnt set a pr.

    JM press 154*5, 165*4(stronger then usual)

    DB press 70*12, 75*8*2, 70*7

    Barbel overhead exstension 66*11*2

    BB row(did them with a EZ curl bar for some variation) 165*12*4

    Hammer curl 42*9*2

    No abs today I was feeling so washed upp by the end.

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    Good job gutting out the last lift on your ME work!


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