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    question on rack presses

    ok, this is a very simple question for someone who knows how, but i have never done them. do i unrack the weighted bar from the j hooks, come down, touch the safety bars and then press? then rerack? or do i start the press right off the safety bars, then lower back to the safety bars? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys. peace.

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    Go from the pin off the start if your set on rack presses, IMO board presses and floor presses are more effective.


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    The board press and floor press have much better carryover to meet benching, as the weight stays on the lifter the whole time. If you want to use pin presses, do not go lower than 8", as they can be really hard on the shoulders and elbows.


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    I agree with everyone..I do 5 board, with bands choked down..close grip..much better! If your gonna do rack lockouts, Have someone lift off from the pins, or from the j hooks, this way you put it in your natural bench groove, and make sure you press them straight up, from the same spot you bench from, and same path..this is why board presses are much better..

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