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Thread: my introduction

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    deciever is offline Associate Member
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    Jul 2002

    my introduction

    its my intro thread

    I've been seriously PLing for about 8 months
    I compete in the 132's but am moving up to the 148's
    My best contest lifts (USAPL Sanctioned)
    squat- 300
    bench- 175
    dead - 330

    best gym lifts
    squat 315 to parallel
    bench 175 x 3, 195
    deadlift- 360

    June 15th this year was my 1st contest, i got 1st in it, set 4 state records for the t(14-15) age group in the 132's.

    I've been frequenting elite for a while, and now i'll be frequenting here.

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    powerlifterjay is offline Respected Member
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    May 2002
    Welcome LIL bro! Your posts are very good and your very hungry for more. I wish you lived closer to me so we could train. My motto is "dont train with a champion, train with someone who wants to be one". You will be soon i would bet my life savings on it!

    Glad you made it.

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    deciever is offline Associate Member
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    Jul 2002
    thanks PLJay. Hopefully i'll get my gym max up in the squat today... im testing out my friends Z-suit, which is about a size or two big. Really tight around the legs, but not so tight in the hips.
    If i can hit 300 or so in this suit, than i would have no problem hit 315-320 in competition .

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    benchmonster is offline Junior Member
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    Aug 2002
    Deciever, good to see you here. I wish you lived closer to me too, I guess we should just all up and move to Florida. If for some strange reason you are ever in the midwest, you have a lifetime free membership at the Dungeon.

    Good job on those lifts. Now go eat a burger.


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    deciever is offline Associate Member
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    Jul 2002
    bench- maybe everyone should move to NJ where there are only USAPL meets..maybe i could win one
    thanks for the free membership

    and about the burger- you should be proud, usually about 2-4 times a week my older bro brings me home mcdonalds(usually like a 20 piece or something)..... and i can eat with the best of'd be surprised.

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