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    Gaining weight while training Westside

    Well I've been trying to put on weight while training Westside. It's going pretty well. I was just wondering about some stuff to see if anyone else had tried it. First was doing all exercises for a 3 rep max instead of a single. I read that this is what Halbert did whenever he was trying to gain weight. Any thoughts?

    The other thing was sled dragging. I read Dave Tate say that this has made some of his clients gain 40 pounds in 2 years without doing anything different.

    This is what I'm thinking about. I already know to up calories and protein. It's just training that I'm really trying to get figured out. Thanks all.

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    just eat man!! Thats what i do when i am going up. You knwo me , i go from 250 plus to 220 depending on whats going on!! But you got the right i dea. Weight is weight though. Wether its bodybuilding or powerliftng. And proper training , rest, and food is what gets it done.

    Hey man when you get a chance check out my speed work tonight oin a thread i am doing.

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    I'm with pljay, if your not consuming enough calories your not going to put on weight.
    You must eat big to get big.


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    yup,.....i tell you one thing...i have had to realy up the calories to keep my weight up since i really got more serious with westside training...i just recently started pulling the sled a few times aweek and have actually started leaning out lifts have not fallen cause of it,buti have had to really take a look at my diet again.....just my .02 brother.....if you want to gain you have to take in more calories....PEACE

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