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    Scotty, beam me up

    Question about speed

    Im doing bodybuilding right now. But dont want to lose the speed I have gained from westside. If I do explosive clean and press will that be enough to maintain my explositivity in the hams,ass and back??

    Boy westside has realy done wonders for me. yesterday I did 5 reps on 320 in the squat. 20 weeks ago I could not even half squat that weight and my 1rm 10 weeks ago was 330.

    But Im also on the begining of the third week of d-bol and started test 14 days ago. So that is also pushing my strenght to incredible levels.

    Hoping I will be able to do 10 clean reps with my previous 1rm before this cycle is over

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    Just with everything you lift press or lift it fast. No reason why you couldnt use bands when bodybuilding. Not like powerlifting but light ones just to load the top.

    With bodybuilding the reps need to be slower on the negative though. So just do slow down and fast up!

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