8/25 Dynamic BP:

1. Dynamic BP: 135+70lbs of chainx8x3 w/ three grips. Real good speed on first two reps, third one was a tad slow. Paused all first reps.

2. JM Press off pins: 135x4x6
3. Elbows out Pressdown's: 90x4x8
4. Barbell Rows: 135x4x12
5. Full Contact Twist: 45x3x5
6. V-Up's: 3x15

50 minutes

8/26 Maximum Effort Sq/Dl

1. Rev. Gren Band DL: 135x3x3, 225x3x3, 315x3, 365x1, 405x1, 455xMissx3 I am a max legal width Sumo puller and these were done with a modified stance, inside a rack. My PR with this stance in any lift is 425.

2. Lo Pulley DL: 190x12, 230x8, 205x2x12
3. Glulte Ham Raise: 2x8 with an average band, 2x10 with a light band
4. Rev. Hypers: 140x3x20

1 hour