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    Thumbs down my bench shirt is for protecte but the side effet is that it adds a 100bs to my bench

    why do all of you powerlifters say i can bench 450 wen the shirt adds 50-100lbs to your bench all of the site say that shirt add 10-15lbs OK maybe in A SINGLE SHIRT i do powerlifting meets but i wear a single not a double duinm my shirt adds 20 thats make me a 540 bench but i tell people that i can bench 520 i know some powerlifters who say that can bench 570 went they can bench 500 raw. i think all mets should have gust single poly that all

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    if you think that they shuld only allow singly ply, go join USAPL, thats where i compete.

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    Pretoria, South Africa
    Raw, your will probably turn into one of those boring equipment debates. The bottom line is this: IF THE RULES IN A PARTICULAR FEDERATION ALLOW THE USE OF EQUIPMENT THEN WHY THE HELL NOT USE IT? If you want to bench raw, that's fine. I'm an IPF lifter btw but I've got nothing against people who use double denims, as long as a particular lift is taken in the context of the equipment used.

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    I tell people both if they ask or sometimes I just say I dont know. I am not one to brag on myself, I am actually most of the time talking shit about myself so I dont usually talk about how much I can bench. But if I am talking to a fellow powerlifter I will tell them, I have benched 365lbs in a single ply poly in they gym, I have benched 350 in a single ply poly in a meet, and I have benched 330 raw in the gym and all done at a 165# bodyweight. That is how I tell people, let them decide which weight they tell everyone else that you can bench when they are in the locker room smelling each others jock straps.

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