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    9/15 Max Effort Bench (videos)

    I about quit powerlifting today. Got into an argument with my training partner (brother) because I was sitting around most of the morning waiting on him to go to the gym. Finally about 5 o'clock I went by myself...fuck it.

    Reverse Band Greens (pinky on ring)
    45, 135, 225, 275 x3
    475xmiss twice

    Incline Tate Press
    50 2x8

    Pushdowns with Green Band behind neck
    100 x8
    180 2x8

    Chest Supported Rows

    Fuck it...I will do some more shit later. Well I guess my anger and bad attitude paid off. 70# PR. I was just cursing and kicking shit around. Broke one of the machines and broke a 45 plate in half (amazing what happens when you slam one on concrete. You can see where I failed again...that fucking right shoulder floats back, and i loose it over my face. Its hard as fuck deracking weight with a torn rotator cuff but I did it. I took a big arch (my but is touching...remember i have 308lb class size fat ass). I put the saftey pins in...and if i flatend out my arch, i could rest the bar on the pins when/if i missed.

    One thing I found out is that I like a taller bench...what I mean is the piece of shit bench I train on is 15" tall because the cushion is flat. I think regulation benches are 17 or so. I forgot to mention I spent an half hour fixing the bench I used. I drilled new holes and reattached the cushion. Its still a POS but it works. WIth a taller bench, I can get a better arch and get up on my heels (I like to drive through my heels). So I may start benching in the powerrack like Irish. Ok, I know yall are sick of reading this shit. I will post more later.


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    nice work. looks like the 475 was yours, but it drifted back.
    videos arae nice

    with a 70 lb PR i've never seen someone so mad... and congrats on breaking a plate!. Good luck fixing your bench.

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    long island new york

    A 70lb PR man thats great, as long as you don't break all the equpitment I guess the anger will work for you.


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