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    9/13-9/16 Something is wrong

    9/13 Dynamic Effort Sq/Dl

    Box Squats: 145x5x2 with Blue Bands
    Dynamic DL: 275x4x1 Full Gear, #'s 3 & 4 were fast
    Dimel DL: 225x2x15, 225+a Mini band Doubled over the barx2x10
    Glute Ham Raises: 4x10 with a Green Band
    Standing Abs: 90x4x15

    9/15 Dynamic Effort BP:

    Flat Bench: 125x8x3 with Doubled Mini Bands, 125+Doubled Mini's & 2 Sets of Chainx2x3 With comp. grip

    Flat Bar Extensions: 65+ Doubled Mini'sx15, 12, 12, 10
    BB Rows: 145x4x10
    High Pulls: 195x4x3
    Roman Chair Abs: 4x15

    9/16 Maximum Effort Sq/Dl

    Stiff-Legged DL's: 45x3x3, 135x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x2x1, 225x2x5
    Pull-Thru's: 90x3x20
    Reverse Hypers: 320x4x10
    Ab Wheel: 4x10

    I was very tired this morning, skipping the ephedra did not help.

    I have been getting a pain, like a pulled or torn groin, going from the lower abs to the mid-thigh. It is a dull pain, but a feeling of weakness comes along with it.


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    Its alright, just hit it hard next week. The work looks good though.

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