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Thread: advice anyone

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    Question advice anyone

    if you weigh 240 ish and take andro or DHEA, what amounts would keep you below a 6 to 1 TE ratio, and what does that mean, any commentary would be interesting to hear.

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    i dont think dhea and andro are worth shit. by the time you spend enough money for them to be at all effective, you have exceeded the amount you would have paid for the real deal.

    also, i dont understand the usapl hypocrisy (i assume you are lifting here since you are concerned with the 6:1 ratio). If you want to be drug free, and you are taking something that manipulates your hormone level, you are not drug free.

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    I agree. Therento worth shirt anyway. So to not chance it dont use it. BUt i dont know if it would elevate anyway. I would assume it would not.

    Good luck though!

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    Any use of those substances in tested divisions is cheating, even if you do not go over the 6-1 ratio.

    There is currently a bill before Congress (I can't recall if it was introduced in the Senate or House), which would ban all prohormones from OTC sales.


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