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    Jul 2002

    Squat suit videos ... need help

    if any of you remember, i've been having trouble with my squat suit...

    225 squat w/ suit bttoms and a belt

    125 squat w/o suit bottoms or belt - this is how deep i normally go..

    my form wasnt great on any of these, but it felt pretty shitty onthe 225.. not hard.. just shitty

    make sure you copy and paste those.

    itried wearing my belt high low middle, and it never really helped....

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    Jul 2002
    On the first 225, you rounded your back in the hole. This is a bad thing, which will cause you to miss lifts in a heart beat.

    Make sure you are pushing your chest out....and maintaining an arch in your lower back. Also, push your abs out and hold your breath. Your coming foward looked like a combination of loosing your low back arch and not keeping your abs tight.

    The second rep with 225 looked a little better. It should have felt better. The SUIT CAN cause you to do this!! You have to PUSH BACK against the suit (sit back not down). If you sit straight down with a suit on.....guess what...the suit will push your foward, causing your low back to round! Try sitting back more in the suit. Don't worry you're not going to fall backwards. I think this will solve a lot of your problems, and actually make your squat stronger.

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