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    im sorry if i made any one mad i just think scot is a better bencher then ryan and evey thing went to hell ok ill will not be at the nations or any other bench meet for the apa so come down and ill will not post here any more
    no hard feelings

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    muuuuuuuuuch better - stuff like that will get you much farrther around here! It is easy to get heated over what you are passionate about but its best when we respect everyone elses hard work as well.

    For that I will change your status - please keep it that way awhile and I will remove the "probation as well"

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    Forgotten as well. No need to flame here or stress an opinion so hard that it insults people over and over. There are ways to get your opinion out without the intensity.

    All is forgotton.

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    Yeah dude, the reason why this board is successful is people can intelligently disagree with each other. No need to get all worked up.
    Your appology is sincere and that shows you got some balls. It would have been easy to up and leave.

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    appology accepted

    like belli said the thing that makes this board better than others is that we try and help each other out and notice the people who are great in the sport and we try to be like them not like other boards that get controversial WAY TOO MUCH and just BS and try to aggravate the members.

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