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    Can a beginner benefit from bands?

    Hi all, you probably remember my brief introduction...i'm now five weeks out from beginning my first legitimate foray into powerlifting training and have this inate "sense" that bands would be beneficial to me (perhaps more so than chains), though i've heard (kind of tangentially) that the use of bands is (or should be) best left out of a program for someone just beginning this type of training. I'd appreciate any thoughts or insights you might have to offer. Thanks.

    OH, and the feeling that bands might be right for me stems from an earlier use of them in my bb'ing routine at one time (though i used them in conjuction with barbell curls for the continuous tension they'd provide to help peak the bis, not in benching or other power movements).

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    Sure , even a beginner can benefit from bands. But some of the movements would be better learned without bands at first because bands add an extra degree of techincality to the movement as well as joint stress. I would suggest going through a beginner 8-12 week program before implementing bands in order to let your CNS, joints, and youself become familiar with the movements and weight associated with them. Just my opinion.

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    I would leave them out until you get accustomed to DE squat, and bench. I didn't use them for a year, and I made good progress without them.


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    Everyone can progress from them. IMO I feel that you should leave them out until you have made awesome gains with just the basic program and movements, once you see your progress is slowing down a lil BUMP IT BACK UP with the bands. JUST DON'T OVERUSE them, for the short time i've used them for 3 weeks straight I used them and I was REALLY feeling them in my elbows on bench days.

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