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    Talking 10/24 ME bench & 10/25 DE SQ/DL

    more PR's.
    yesterday was ME bench I did 4 boards I went barX10, 135X5, 225X5 275X2, 295X1, 315X1, 335X1(old PR, also last weeks NEW 3 board PR), 350X1(new PR), went for 355X1XMISS(got outta groove and didn't rest enough from the last rep.

    Then I did DB roll ext 60X3X8
    green band pushdowns(wrapped round neck)1X15
    mini band pushdowns(wrapped around chin up bar in cable pushdown machine)2X15
    plate raises 3X10,8,6X45#plate(I got really tired with my first set so I started dropping the volume)
    Rev curls on straight bar: barX10, 55X10, 65X10
    ab machine pulldown 140X5X10

    Today's workout Since I know according to charts I have a 420 max SQ I had to change my numbers up so I did
    245X2X2, 265X2X2, 275X2X2, 295X2X2, The %'s were 60,63,66,70. Then I did a heavy single with 345 GOOD SPEED GOING UP after breaking parallel (as in I got faster on the way up)
    walkouts with 450 for 5 seconds ( I felt a FEW pops in my back, THAT SHIT WAS FUCKIN HEAVY, I can't image those guys who squat 1,000+#s)
    then I did zerchers 3X8X155
    calf raises on smith machine(remember my back was hurtin from the workout please don't kill me for using the smith first time) 455X3X8
    low back ext(machine for low back) 4X10
    chest supported DB rows(light day) 5X10X40(DB)
    spread eagles 3X10Xstability ball b/w legs

    on bench I feel I really need improvement in lats and speed. tha speed is a given for everyone (upset our very own train bencher, PLJAY, when I trained with him with him moving tha bar so damn fast he starts slow then fuckin FAST like a train when they first start takin off then pick up speed)

    on legs once again hammies are hurtin bad and glutes feel WEAK. So I need to start improving those. Hell it's a given look at my zercher weights PATHETIC.

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    I don't knwo if i'm readng it wrong but your not supposed to change your % every two reps . all 8 reps should be at 60%. Then next week all 8 should be at 63% and so on. Good workout though

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    Just make sure yoru speed doesnt slow down. Thats the bottom line with speed. I go up sometimes, and thats because i am in a sense warming up. But keep speed high.

    Lats are very important. I feel their more important then even westside leads on. With out strong lats the launching pad isnt as steardy and the rebound effect is lost. I literally lower the bar with my lats.

    Keep it up man. Your gainig serious progress, but since its o you you dont feel it like we see it. I see 400 real soon though.

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    GRIMM well you read right, here's the thing though I can't really switch up DE squat like others do by using diff bars and shit so what I do is for a month I go week 1 60% week 2 63% etc and then startin the next week, which is week 5 I do all the %'s like I did today. It switches it up for me. I normally keep this week with an ME lift that's not a squat so I can go heavier I'll do an ME lift for deads. (remember you told me not everythings written in stone).

    And sorry to those of you that do it this way, BUT after the 5th set with the same % it kinda gets retorical and I just feel like quitting.

    JAY my speed did slow down some but it's stil under 4.5 seconds(isn't that what it's suppose to be) either way I'm kinda slow when it comes to coming out of parallel if you get what i'm saying while I start coming down at the very end I slow down and then coming up I go slow then FAST even though i'm trying to do it fast through the whole push it's just MY ASS(literally my ass) IS WEAK and so are my hammies.

    Hope you mean 400 on bench. B/C from my goals that I posted on ELITE at the begining of the year my goals were 500/400/450. NEVER knew I was better at DL so I changed those goals to 450/400/500. Its stil the same total but 50#off squat and on dead. Can't wait to see if I actually hit these numbers.

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