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Thread: 10/27 ME bench

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    10/27 ME bench

    3-Board Press (pinky on ring)
    315/1, 365/1, 405/1, 425/1, (10# PR), 435/miss

    3-Board Press w/Karin Denim#2
    435/1 (too hard to derack with shirt on)

    Incline Tate Press
    40/10, 55/8,8,8

    One Arm Low Row
    70/10, 100/10,10

    Let me say, to all of yall that train alone, I don't see how you do it. Its a pain in the ass. I can derack weights worth a shit, especially with a torn rotator cuff. My shoulder felt like it was going to pop off, and sure enough, it got subluxed (read: partially dislocated). Its all black and red I managed a 10# PR which I seriously didnt think I would get today. I am pretty sure I can get 440 on this. My old PR was 415, and that was with a wider grip.

    Tryin to derack weights with a damn shirt on is a bigger nightmare. I did 435 in my Karin Denim #2. I got 3 denims, so I named them...1, 2, 3. I is the tightest, which I used last week. I will experiment with all. The arms on 3 are a little too tight, as is the arm opening on #2. #1 will be the one I want to learn, its the tightest.

    I am totally frustrated with shirts. If i still dont have these things figured out in December, I will just bench raw, which would be ugly.

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    Hey man well if anything open raw and then go in shirt for your DEC meet.

    Other than that training alone is A BITCH trust me I've done it before. Not cool the only days it's OK are DE days but when you wanna go heavy and u kinda have to leave some in the tank then it sucks b/c YOU NEVER know if you woulda gone higher.

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