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    PLJay,JimmyDean, or Teenmyth

    I'm going to order my belt and some bands. On the belt - any recommendations - single prong, double prong, or lever style? On the bands - I need to have my own bands for when I can't train with you guys, what should I get? Also who should I order these things from?


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    The belt depends on the person. I like the doubleprong, pljay and jimmydean like the lever. So really when you get a chance try one of ours and see what you like. With the bands your gonna have to talk to jimmydean.

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    Jay, Like TeenMyth said, I prefer the lever belt. Before you order the belt, try ours first to see which one you like. I used a single prong for years but immediately switched to the lever when it came out. For the bands, go to I would start with the light or average bands.

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    I hate to make this more confusing but would go with a single prong. When the lever belt fits great its fine but when its too loose its a pain. Basically i want two belts. I like to squat in a lever, bench wouldnt rather, i just wear loose enough to hold my shirt down, deadlifts i woudl rather use a single prong. Double prong is too hard to get on super tight. Its a pain in the ass lining up the holes.

    So since i confused you really good now, i say go single prong.

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    jarhead if you go on the webiste jump stretch from what I've heard it'll take longer to order from their. It's easier over the phone 1800-344-3539 should take no longer than 10 days I believe I normally get mine in 4-6 working days

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