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    Oct 2002

    How Do I cut the back of my shirt

    Just wondering how to do this properly? Thanks

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    If you have a denim, then all you do is cut the neck portion.

    If you have a full closed back, you can do this a few ways, depends on how precise you want it.

    I took a tape measure and measured from seam to seam in different areas. I took a chalk marker and marked the center point of the measurement. Then I took scissors and used the chalk line as guide line to keep my cut centered.

    You also can just eyeball it and cut the back as close to the center as possible. Be careful, and make sure you are just cutting the back. I have a friend that picked up his shirt and cut it.......only realizing he cut the shirt completely in half.

    He odered another shirt and made sure he only cut one layer.....except this time he cut the front of the shirt open, not the back.

    Just double check what you are cutting before you start. You'll be fine.

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks Man,
    Now Is it best to cut the whole back out, just half, leave the neck? Any suggestions

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