Well I havn't had a chance to really post that much so I'm doing it now on thur I had my ME bench day with a frantz single denim that was generously handed down to me from a member on this board, ERMANTROUDT, which I'd like to thank again.

I was anxious to see what would touch in the shirt since ERMAN is bigger than me I KNEW this shirt would be a bit big but my last shirt that I messed with was right on SIZE and too small for me.

SO it didn't go how I wanted it to but I guess I just have to work at it.

I did my warm ups bar2X10
threw the shirt on 275Xdidn't touch, so I was happy bout this
shirted 315Xtouch with me pulling it down felt like 345 to lockout though
335( a weight that i've gotten off 1 board) touched and I couldn't get it up past mid point to lockout.

IN a way i'm mad b/c I thought tha shirt would help me out. BUT I'm gonna look at it this way I have NO PRACTICE at all in this shirt or ANY for that matter. SOOOO i'm gonna work on it on ME days and see what happens. I'll be posting at a later date to see if I've improved with this shirt.

NOTE: IT's comfortable but it did leave me bruised up, I did wet the shirt, I remembered to bring my head down when lowering the weight tha good thing was I DIDN'T GET thrown outta my groove.

Thanks again ERMANTROUDT i really appreciate it.