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    I feel like a powerlifter!!

    I know, I know, it takes much, much more than a ME squat and bench day to be a powerlifter, but damn do I feel like one ! First off, my hats off to all of you who have what it takes to hit the tris and hamstrings day in and day out like that...While I'd occassionally attacked tris in that manner, I don't think I've ever felt this kind of persistent soreness in my hamstrings.

    To top all of this off, I'm going to my first meet in december - just to watch, though. Hoping my enthusiasm keeps up, though I'm sure it will. One question, though, I'd always been under the impression that one's board press 1RM would be higher than their "regular" bench 1RM. However, on my board presses yesterday, after working up to a set of one, my final set at 300 felt a hell of a lot harder than 300 does while doing your standard bench press (and, no, i'm not a "bouncer" so that doesn't account for it)...does this just take some getting used to? Or is it indicative of the fact that my tris maybe suck that bad that they by themselves have trouble getting through that point without that bottom portion assistance of the chest? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    The board takes away the momentum you build up when driving off the chest, so it can be harder than a full range movement. The floor press is the same way.


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    Bro if you feel like a powerlifter you are one!! Just keep it at it, and get in a meet. I was introduced to powerlifting in the month of Oct in 99 and was so gung ho i did a meet in Nov! In fact i did three back to back three weeks in a row. I didnt care how i did. I wanted to be in that world and lift with real powerlfiters. Then Jan 2000 i did another then that year of 2000 i hit about 12 or so. I went nuts!! You wanna keep your enthusiasim up compete.

    The board does take away momentum. When it hits that board it stops. The higher youget you should bench more. 3 and up should be way higher then your flat bench max (shirtless). Floor press , thats another story. I have never come close ot my bench max on the floor, or ever seen anyone come close to their max. I do floors as a tricep buidler. I always go pretty narrow on them too. Looing forrwad to try doing them again.

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